Avoid being left behind in the post COVID-19 era

As a digital nomad or an avid traveler,you know that there are many flying habits that you might need to change as current confidence in flying after COVID-19 is low. As a student and entrepreneur who has been living abroad for the past 13-years, traveling back and forth to the home country and the other, I have found two articles highlighting the importance in understanding the potential changes we can expect when flying.


In a recent Forbes article, titled “Future Air Travel: Four-Hour Process, Self Check-In, Disinfection, Immunity Passes”, senior contributor Cecilia Rodriguez explained some useful points about changes we should expect to see at the aiport. She mentions: The entire process of checking in for flights could take up to four hours.

  1. We should also expect slower turnarounds between flights
  2. Biometric boarding will allow passengers to board with only their face
  3. You will see a lot of demarcation lines
  4. UV sanitation is likely to become commonplace

Also, in a recent BBC TravelYoutube video, titled “Coronavirus: Flying in the age of Covid-19?”, BBC broadcaster and journalist Rajan Datar interviewed some of professionals in the industry to see what flying after COVID-19 might look like. He has done some great interviews and it is definitely worthwhile watching this 20 minutes-long video if you want to grasp a better idea of what sort of future we are going to face. I personally found one thing quite worrying – there was a hint that airplane ticket price might go up!

Drawing on these sources and my 13-years long travel experience, I have listed three actions that I would recommend to all travelers and digital nomads who want to travel during COVID-19:


  • Expect unconventionality
    • Airports will be so different from what they used to be
  • Patience, Patience, Patience
    • Check-in process might take up to 4 hours
  • Prepare money
    • We can’t blame flight industry to increase ticket price if COVID-19 continues

Stay safe, travel wise

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