Travel using Google Maps

As a digital nomad or an avid traveler, you know already that this is not a perfect time for anyone to travel. As a traveler and entrepreneur who has been living abroad for the past 13-years, traveling back and forth the home country and the other, I have found an interesting article about ways to use Google Maps to travel around the world.

In a recent Komando article, titled “10 ways to use Google Maps Street View you never thought of before”, a journalist Brittany Vincent shared some useful tips about ways to use Google Maps in imaginative and creative ways.

She mentions, using Google Maps, we can:

  • Use already established Google trips using Google Treks
  • Enable a tiny yellow figure onto the map to enable Street View
  • Time Travel – we can see what a landmark looked like over the years
  • Use eye level street view on a phone and have 360-degree view of the destination

You would not believe what we can do with Google Maps once you try it. I personally tried it and spent the entire day exploring and traveling Mongolia yesterday. I highly suggest all travelers and nomads, who are stuck indoor during COVID-19 to take a look around this great service and explore the world for FREE!


  • Go to Google Maps
  • Explore its features

Stay safe, travel wise

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