3 ways to mind travel

Traveling has always been my passion. However, after COVID-19, everything changed. Nowadays, I am not traveling around the world, but insead, am traveling inside of me. Interestingly, only after 8 days into mind traveling, I discovered that my mind is actually as interesting as the outside world.

In a recent Independent article, titled “12 best mindfulness apps to help you keep calm during a crisis”, a journalist Lydia Willgress shared a list of useful apps for mindfulness.

Her list includes:

  • Calm: 7-Day Free Trial then $69.99 USD billed annually, cancel anytime
  • Headspace: Annual – first 2 weeks free, $69.99/year, that’s $5.83/month
  • Portal: Focus, Sleep, Escape: £3.99 to download

And the list goes on to recommend more and more useful apps for you!

I have personally utilized Calm and Headspace which seem to be the top two of all meditation apps out there but decided to stick with Calm eventually. Why? First, I just LOVED Lebron James’ guided meditation sessions on the app. Second, the app was very easy to follow, and I understood how to fully utilize it in a matter of seconds.

But I highly recommend you downloading a few apps first then find the one that suits your taste. Try meditation using any apps today, and make it a habit of yours!


  • Download 3-4 meditation apps
  • Find the best app for you
  • Practice everyday for a week

Stay safe, travel wise

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