Is travel safe? #2

Air travel is up by almost 400% compared to its record-low since the pandemic. Many countries are hoping to restart international travel around the world. Yet, only yesterday, the possibility of the second wave of coronavirus during the second half of 2020 struck the world. As a frequent air traveler, I also cannot hide my skepticism over air travel.

In a recent Advisory Board birefing, titled “Is it safe to start traveling by airplane? Here’s what you need to know.”, it states how airplanes can still be unsafe even though airlines are trying to lower risks.

Airlines have:

  • Mandated that passengers and staff wear face masks or coverings
  • Implemented physical distancing
  • Taken steps for new cleaning procedures

But questions remain as:

  • They will not be able to identify asymptomatic patients
  • Policies differ airlines to airlines and airports to airports
  • There is still so much uncertainty

Drawing on the source, and my 13-years long travel experience I have listed three actions that I would recommend to all travelers and digital nomads:


  • Keep following news
  • Do not travel yet
  • Listen to experts

Stay safe, travel wise

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