Is travel safe? #3

The number of coronavirus cases top 8 million globally. Some experts say we are currently facing the second wave. But some say we are right in the middle of the first wave. Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that the second wave in the fall is “inevitable”, hinting we are still in the first wave of coronavirus.

In a recent cnet article, titled “A second wave of coronavirus: Is it here, how long it could last and more.”, a writer Dale Smith shared important news regarding coronavirus’ recent developments, effects of reopening of the economy, why the second wave is linked to the fall, and more.

Key takeaways are:

  • The second wave is inevitable according to experts
  • There is strong correlation between reopening of economy and coronavirus cases
  • A new model suggests there is going to be an increase in cases this September

In addition, I personally have been following news regarding coronavirus vaccines. One of top five medical companies, signed partnerships U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to develop coronavirus vaccines, Johnson & Johnson’s top management announced that vaccines would be ready by early 2021 for emergency use. Even though they said they are ahead of the schedule, it seems like we cannot be safe from coronavirus at least until the end of this year.


  • Please be responsible
    • There are people still out there fighting against the virus
  • Listen to experts
    • Can you really say you know more than them?
  • Be updated
    • It is the best way to be well-prepared

Stay safe, travel wise

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