Plan for a safe summer #1

My last two articles emphasized how the second wave in the fall is “inevitable”. At the same time, I understand some people still need to plan at least some minimal summer activities for their children and family.

In a recent National Geographic article, titled “Pools? Movies? Restaurants? How parents can give kids a safe summer”, a journalist Michelle Z. Donahue cited experts’ ideas on how to navigate summertime activities for children.

Key takeaways are:

  • Warmer and humid weather have little effect on dampening disease transmission
  • Social distancing and face coverings have a meaningful impact
  • Study facilities’ mitigation efforts in advance
  • Check state and local municipalities’ websites for information
  • Mutually agree on two weeks of before-and-after monitoring

I still believe there is a huge question mark as to whether these measures can make us safe from coronavirus. We still do not have effective treatment or vaccines. However, if some really need to travel during this summer, reflecting on my previous 13 years of traveling, I believe this is really the crucial time to listen, trust and follow experts who are constantly monitoring the situation.


  • Plan ahead
    • Summer is not safe for traveling after all
  • Listen to experts
    • They are there for good reasons
  • Talk to children
    • Make them as informed as you are

Stay safe, travel wise

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