Plan for a safe summer #2

Even though the second pandemic is well anticipated, the travel industry is still ready to greet eager travelers who have long been waiting. However, the situation is as chaotic as it was in the beginning of the shutdown.

In a recent Forbes article, titled “Ready To Travel Again? What You Need To Know About Tourism’s Grand Opening” a contributor Christopher Elliot shared some great findings on what this grand reopening of tourism looks like.

Key takeaways are:

  • Destination might be open, but many facilities might be closed
  • Review all cancellation policies before the reservation, because there are so many IFs in the announcement
  • Low prices are no longer the case unlike March

If you still need to travel somehow despite experts’ earlier warnings, you might be better off checking closely into what really are being offered. Do not just react to “Grand Openings” signs, but do your homework in advance.


  • Check websites
    • See exactly what are closed and what are open in your destination
  • Check prices
    • Earlier deals might not be available now
  • Check policies closely
    • Be prepared for any emergency and see what refund policies are

Stay safe, travel wise

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