Plan for a safe summer #3

We have gone through so many things this year starting from coronavirus, economic doldrums and to the high likeliness of the second wave in fall. To relieve physical and mental stress, many are now planning on summer vacations. But, is your summer vacation going to be a real getaway? Or a guilt trip?

In a recent Forbes article, titled “8 Tips To Make Your Summer Getaway A Real Vacation Instead Of A Guilt Trip” a contributor Bryan Robinson shared great insights on how to plan for safe getaways during this summer. His insights into ‘stay-cation’ and ‘day-cation’ are so interesting and useful that I highly recommend you read his article.

Some insights include:

  • Follow CDC suggestions if you decide to go on a vacation
  • Replace your getaways with stay-cation or day-cation
  • Make sure you are “away” even if you “stay”

As a person who has been traveling for the past 13 years, I am as desperate to travel as so many others around the world. However, with the advice from Bryan Robinson on stay-cation and day-cation, I feel like I can certainly plan something exciting even if I stay home. Please check his article if you want to have a safe getaway during this summer!


  • Avoid international travel
    • Risk outweighs its value
  • Plan day-cation
    • You don’t have to be in Iceland to enjoy getaways
  • If not, stay-cation!
    • Why not try something entirely different and safe when we have already gone through so much?

Stay safe, travel wise

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