Plan for a safe summer #4

If you have been following my articles, you would probably have a good idea on how to stay safe during summer. However, your abiding by rules and guidelines does not guarantee that others or even your destinations are doing just like you are. Is there any way you can check your destinations are operating under any safety protocols?

In a recent AFAR article, it talked about how the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) created UN-backed safety protocols and a stamp that recognize businesses and destinations following their guidelines.

Key highlighted points about WTTC’s protocols are:

  • More than 9 industries are following them
  • More than 1,200 companies and 80 destinations have already embraced them
  • Protocols have been backed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization

To be honest, despite my 13 years of traveling and living abroad, I never knew such organizations even existed before the new normal. Now that I find out about them, I am so grateful for both WTTC and UNWTO for putting efforts to restore turst and confidence on the Travel & Tourism industry, and last but not least, ensure safety of all.


  • Visit WTTC website
    • Learn about their standardized safety protocols
  • Check the list
    • See if your destinations, hotels, rental service, etc. are on the list
  • Call your destination
    • If they are not, see if they have similar protocols as suggested by WTTC

Stay safe, travel wise

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