Will borders be open?

Many states and countries are opening up their borders again for travelers. However, it does not seem to be the case for U.S. travelers who want to travel to EU countries. EU diplomats have told various media that, with cases increasing rapidly again in the U.S., they do not see the chance of opening the EU border to U.S. travelers.

In a recent CNN article, titled “US travelers ‘unlikely’ to be allowed into EU as bloc reopens, diplomats say, journalists James Frater, Vasco Cotovio and Laura Smith-Spark shared information about matters being discussed among the EU leadership regarding border opening.

Key highlighted points are:

  • EU has not yet set the final objective criteria for border opening
  • U.S. is likely to be excluded for now
  • Officials will meet on Monday to discuss the matter further

Considering the economic relationship between the U.S. and the EU, it is vital for both to fully reconnect as soon as possible. Yet, the official said the decision is going to be solely on health cireira, not anything else, and with the number of cases spiking again in the U.S. it might be difficult for U.S. travelers to travel to EU countries at least for time being.


  • Do not plan
    • If you are living in the U.S. and thinking about going to Europe, do not plan ahead yet
  • Check the news
    • See if the EU makes any exceptions to some of U.S. states
  • Call officials
    • The best way to get information is certainly calling related officials and receive the right information

Stay safe, travel wise

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