Plan for a safe summer #5 – what to pack

As a traveler who has been traveling around the world for over 10 years, I have given up hope of getting back on the road until early next year. However, if you still have plans to travel during summer, consider overpacking.

In a recent Business Insider article, titled “What to pack and how to prepare before planning a road trip this summer — 9 medical and hospitality experts weigh in with advice and tips, a journalist Jen Karetnick shared information about how to get well-prepared for summer road trips. With great insights from many experts, the article is certainly worth a look.

Key highlighted points are:

  • Rent private homes, standalone bungalows or cottages instead of hotels
  • Pack disposable masks, disposable gloves and antibacterial wipes
  • Do not forget to keep certain distance away from others

Besides those highlighted points, the article also advises on what to do and what not to do with your vehicles, how to minimize your exposure to virus transmission in public places and more. I want to srongly advise people to wait until vaccines are developed, but if you still need a break, I urge all to stay responsible for you and folks around you.


  • Avoid hotels
    • Increased interactions only lead to higher chance of contracting the virus
  • Overpack
    • Better to have too much than have up short
  • Keep distance
    • It is not only for you but for your children, friends, family and others

Stay safe, travel wise

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