Plan for safe summer #6 – safest countries

As countries are reopening up their borders, many people are planning on summer vacations just like pre-new normal era. Numerous articles have speculated about safest regions or countries to visit during COVID-19 but many were based on simple statistics or numbers. However, yesterday I found an interesting research done by Deep Knowledge Group which made a list of safest countries to visit based on data analysis.

In a recent Forbes article, titled “The 100 Safest Countries In The World For COVID-19, a senior contributor John Koetsier shared the list of safest countries created by Deep Konwledge Group and also briefly explained how each country was analyzed.

Key highlighted points are:

  • Switzerland is the safest country
  • The list is constantly being updated as the situation progresses
  • The analytics framework is becoming better as the time passes

Since more data is being collected and analyzed on a daily basis, the results will be more accurate and precise as the time passes. John Koetsier also highlights the improvement that Deep Knolwedge Group has been making for the past three months. Even though it is an analysis done by a single organization, I believe you can still utilize it as a reference point when you plan for your summer vacations.


  • Check the list
    • Use it as a reference point
  • Get updated
    • The ranking changes as more data is being collected
  • Compare
    • There are several other companies and organizations analyzing similar data

Stay safe, travel wise

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