Plan for safe summer #6 – safest countries

As countries are reopening up their borders, many people are planning on summer vacations just like pre-new normal era. Numerous articles have speculated about safest regions or countries to visit during COVID-19 but many were based on simple statistics or numbers. However, yesterday I found an interesting research done by Deep Knowledge Group which madeContinue reading “Plan for safe summer #6 – safest countries”

Plan for a safe summer #5 – what to pack

As a traveler who has been traveling around the world for over 10 years, I have given up hope of getting back on the road until early next year. However, if you still have plans to travel during summer, consider overpacking. In a recent Business Insider article, titled “What to pack and how to prepareContinue reading “Plan for a safe summer #5 – what to pack”

Will borders be open?

Many states and countries are opening up their borders again for travelers. However, it does not seem to be the case for U.S. travelers who want to travel to EU countries. EU diplomats have told various media that, with cases increasing rapidly again in the U.S., they do not see the chance of opening theContinue reading “Will borders be open?”

Plan for a safe summer #4

If you have been following my articles, you would probably have a good idea on how to stay safe during summer. However, your abiding by rules and guidelines does not guarantee that others or even your destinations are doing just like you are. Is there any way you can check your destinations are operating underContinue reading “Plan for a safe summer #4”

Plan for a safe summer #3

We have gone through so many things this year starting from coronavirus, economic doldrums and to the high likeliness of the second wave in fall. To relieve physical and mental stress, many are now planning on summer vacations. But, is your summer vacation going to be a real getaway? Or a guilt trip? In aContinue reading “Plan for a safe summer #3”

Places that must reopen last according to MIT researchers

Stores are opening up again after the long lockdown. Yet, the question remains. Where are safe places? Where should we avoid? In a recent Bestlife article, titled “6 Places That Should Reopen Last, According to MIT Researchers” a journalist Colby Hall shared some findings by MIT researchers that were published in Proceedings of the NationalContinue reading “Places that must reopen last according to MIT researchers”

Plan for a safe summer #2

Even though the second pandemic is well anticipated, the travel industry is still ready to greet eager travelers who have long been waiting. However, the situation is as chaotic as it was in the beginning of the shutdown. In a recent Forbes article, titled “Ready To Travel Again? What You Need To Know About Tourism’sContinue reading “Plan for a safe summer #2”

Plan for a safe summer #1

My last two articles emphasized how the second wave in the fall is “inevitable”. At the same time, I understand some people still need to plan at least some minimal summer activities for their children and family. In a recent National Geographic article, titled “Pools? Movies? Restaurants? How parents can give kids a safe summer”,Continue reading “Plan for a safe summer #1”

Is travel safe? #3

The number of coronavirus cases top 8 million globally. Some experts say we are currently facing the second wave. But some say we are right in the middle of the first wave. Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that the second wave in the fall is “inevitable”, hinting we are still in the first wave of coronavirus.Continue reading “Is travel safe? #3”

Is travel safe? #2

Air travel is up by almost 400% compared to its record-low since the pandemic. Many countries are hoping to restart international travel around the world. Yet, only yesterday, the possibility of the second wave of coronavirus during the second half of 2020 struck the world. As a frequent air traveler, I also cannot hide myContinue reading “Is travel safe? #2”