Plan for safe summer #6 – safest countries

As countries are reopening up their borders, many people are planning on summer vacations just like pre-new normal era. Numerous articles have speculated about safest regions or countries to visit during COVID-19 but many were based on simple statistics or numbers. However, yesterday I found an interesting research done by Deep Knowledge Group which madeContinue reading “Plan for safe summer #6 – safest countries”

Plan for a safe summer #5 – what to pack

As a traveler who has been traveling around the world for over 10 years, I have given up hope of getting back on the road until early next year. However, if you still have plans to travel during summer, consider overpacking. In a recent Business Insider article, titled “What to pack and how to prepareContinue reading “Plan for a safe summer #5 – what to pack”

3 ways to mind travel

Traveling has always been my passion. However, after COVID-19, everything changed. Nowadays, I am not traveling around the world, but insead, am traveling inside of me. Interestingly, only after 8 days into mind traveling, I discovered that my mind is actually as interesting as the outside world. In a recent Independent article, titled “12 bestContinue reading “3 ways to mind travel”

Travel using Google Maps

As a digital nomad or an avid traveler, you know already that this is not a perfect time for anyone to travel. As a traveler and entrepreneur who has been living abroad for the past 13-years, traveling back and forth the home country and the other, I have found an interesting article about ways toContinue reading “Travel using Google Maps”