Is travel safe? #2

Air travel is up by almost 400% compared to its record-low since the pandemic. Many countries are hoping to restart international travel around the world. Yet, only yesterday, the possibility of the second wave of coronavirus during the second half of 2020 struck the world. As a frequent air traveler, I also cannot hide myContinue reading “Is travel safe? #2”

Is travel safe?

I have been so eager to get back on the road and explore the world just like rest of other travelers. Even though the situation seems more dire than many predicted, travel restrictions are being slowly lifted around the globe. Yet, the question remains: Is travel safe? In a recent Business Insider article, titled “IsContinue reading “Is travel safe?”

3 ways to mind travel

Traveling has always been my passion. However, after COVID-19, everything changed. Nowadays, I am not traveling around the world, but insead, am traveling inside of me. Interestingly, only after 8 days into mind traveling, I discovered that my mind is actually as interesting as the outside world. In a recent Independent article, titled “12 bestContinue reading “3 ways to mind travel”

Travel using Google Maps

As a digital nomad or an avid traveler, you know already that this is not a perfect time for anyone to travel. As a traveler and entrepreneur who has been living abroad for the past 13-years, traveling back and forth the home country and the other, I have found an interesting article about ways toContinue reading “Travel using Google Maps”